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Real Estate No Longer Art, But Science

In a recent article by Min Suh about how Cloud-Based Software is Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Underwriting, Suh places insight into the current state of the real-estate industry as a whole, and the context for where technology fits into the ever changing environment of commercial real-estate. Whilst no one can argue against the lucrative nature…

real estate with predictive services
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RealtyeVest Ups its Game with AI

The JOBS Act of 2012 was a momentous event. President Obama opened the floodgates for the general solicitation of securities; specifically, real estate securities. In an unprecedented and unanticipated fashion, crowdfunding exploded onto the real estate scene. With this cash infusion, Millennials migrated to the industry with little or no knowledge of real estate but were armed…

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Combine the Power of Data and Crowdfunding with eVest Private Label

For decades, real estate professionals treated acquisitions and disposition decision-making as an art form. Armed with outdated data, these professionals made their best guess on prospects before spending months securing funding. Real estate investing is a science, not an art. Today’s technology speaks to the benefits of data-backed decision-making. EVest Technology is a service provider excelling at…

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